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Wolf Pack Wednesday: Online Orientation

Subject line: It’s Time for Your Online Orientation

Sent: June 8, 2022

Going to college is a big (and exciting) transition. But we’re going to connect you to plenty of resources and support over the summer to prepare. One of your first tasks is to complete our online orientation program, which consists of a number of video modules that cover everything from academic resources to student life and dining. It should take no more than three hours to finish, and we’ll save your progress along the way so you can take a break at any time. You must complete your online orientation modules before August 17 to have your orientation registration hold lifted. 

Online Orientation Topics

  • Safety and security in the Big Easy
  • Student living and dining services
  • Student health and counseling
  • Loyola technology
  • Introduction to academic life
  • Introduction to your college 
  • Student life and ministry

How to Log into Your Online Modules

Go to the online orientation website and click sign in under the “For Students” header. From there, you’ll be prompted to use your username and password from your Single Sign On (SSO) portal to access the online orientation modules. We emailed your credentials in case you forgot—look for the subject line “Access Your Loyola Accounts Now!” in your inbox. If you have problems with your username or password, reach out to our Help Desk at from your Loyola email address or call 504.865.2255, available weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. 

NOTE: You must also complete the Online Orientation Acknowledgement in your Admissions Status Portal checklist. This will allow us to verify your email address and confirm that you are aware of the plan for orientation. Log into your Admissions Status Portal now to complete this important action item! 

Optional Parent/Caregiver Orientation 

Your parents and caregivers are also encouraged to explore the online modules using the parent/guest access on the orientation website. They’ll find a wealth of information about campus activities, academics, and support services for students. 

More Parent/Caregiver Resources: Check out our Parent Events page for upcoming webinars and virtual panel discussions over the summer to learn more about how to support your student as they prepare for college life. 

Krewe Chats

Did you know: You have a Krewe Leader who is a current student at Loyola dedicated to preparing you for life at Loyola! Your Krewe Leader will reach out via text and email, and they will also host virtual Krewe Chats taking place from June 27 – July 1 to get to know you over the summer. This small-group format will give you a chance to connect with your peers virtually, answer all your questions, and gain valuable information on how to successfully transition to the university. Krewe Chats are optional. KLs can answer questions about Wolf Pack Welcome, Welcome Week, and general questions about Loyola. There will be a chat function enabled, which will allow questions to be answered by a Loyola professional staff member and/or a Krewe Leader.

Krewe GroupMes: Krewe Leaders will also create GroupMes for their Krewes. Starting in June, Krewe Leaders post weekly in these groups throughout your first semester. 

Wolf Pack Welcome 

We’ll kick off the fall semester with Wolf Pack Welcome on August 18 – 20. During Wolf Pack Welcome events, your Krewe Leader will guide you through next steps to prepare for your classes and review some of the topics you covered in your online orientation. You’ll also meet other incoming students and participate in some of our favorite Loyola traditions. Because you will cover so many important details, this event is mandatory for all first-year students. We also will have light programming available during Wolf Pack Welcome for parents and caregivers. 

Have questions about any of these events or how to prepare for your arrival at Loyola? 


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